Two years with Trinity

In celebration of Trinity's second birthday, our founder and Managing Director Cassandra Knox opens her heart about the past 2 years of Trinity!

Wow, what an incredible last 2 years we have had here at Trinity. Our team has grown from a team of 1 to a team of 18! 18 amazingly talented, experienced and empathetic people who are driven by the same purpose as I. To bring empathy, care and responsibility back to the recruitment industry.

I have been so privileged to meet all of my team members and to have them willing and eager to be a part of our incredible story. A story of hope and endurance. One where we trust our guts, we strive for excellence and we build each other and our communities up through the work that we do.

Trinity was never created with the intention of it becoming the multi-million dollar company it has grown into but I will forever be grateful that it has. Trinity has a life of its own. Through word of mouth and our amazing client and candidate relationships, Trinity just continues to grow and grow and grow. I will never not be impressed by what my staff are able to achieve and just how much they have shaped the company we are a part of today.

My time as Managing Director and owner of Trinity Employment Services has seen many personal achievements come to life for me. From being honoured as the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce Emerging Leader awardee, to being elected onto the board of the UN women Aotearoa. I am truly humbled to be in the position I am and to have the opportunity to create as much change and positive influence as I now have.

So here’s to the last 24 months for all that you’ve taught me and to the next 12 for all that I am yet to discover.

Cheers to Trinity!

- Cassandra Knox - Founder and Managing Director of Trinity Employment Services