Trinity Employment Services is here to help create a team that will drive business forward.

Mission statement

We endeavour to build a culture that places meaningfulness and integrity at our core.

We believe in giving back to our communities while supporting both clients and candidates for the advancement of all.

Trinity Employment Services was started in August 2020 in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis. As for many others, Lockdown was an opportunity for much thought and reflection. Cassandra Knox saw a place in the market for someone to approach candidate and client management from a place of kindness and understanding. Out of this, Trinity Employment Services was born!

By surrounding herself with like-minded individuals, both within her own team, as well as with business partnerships formed to support each other's visions and goals, Cass has built a business that she is insanely proud of. We work closely with experts in the immigration and employment law sectors, which enables us to offer a trustworthy and well-rounded service to our clients and candidates alike.

With kindness, hard work and care being at the centre of Trinity, we are confident we can continue to help grow and support New Zealand businesses.

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