The importance of team bonding

Our immigration administrator, Gini, talks about the importance of team bonding within a work environment.

Team bonding is the process of participating in activities to create a better relationship between members of your team.

There are several activities you can do to encourage better communication, collaboration. trust and engagement within your employees. Team bonding will help them get to know each other on a more personal level which they typically wouldn’t in a busy company.

You can find lots of ideas online and select the ones you think would benefit your team the most. Below is a link with some awesome team bonding tips and games:

At Trinity we love team bonding exercises especially when we have a new team member start. We play “2 truths, 1 lie” at the start of our team meeting to break the ice while also learning new things about the existing team members.

It’s also a good idea to do a team building exercise at the start or part way through a long meeting to break up the day, regain the focus of your staff and help them relax a bit.

It’s also very beneficial to do team bonding activities in all kinds of environments such as sports teams and schools. Teachers should implement these types of activities so children can have stronger relationships and veer away from their typical friend group. This can lead to less bullying and a more cohesive classroom environment.

Team bonding is all about building stronger relationships so if you don’t already do them in your work place you should definitely start!