Our immigration journeys

Migrating to another country can be exciting and scary at the same time. Carmi and Bruna, from Trinity's Immigration Team, share a bit of they own journeys!

Working within the Immigration Team at Trinity brings back many memories for the both of us. It is easy to relate to many of our clients’ stories and concerns because we’ve been through our own immigration struggles in New Zealand.

Leaving home and moving to another country sounds idyllic and exciting… and it is, in so many ways. Going on adventures to picture perfect places, experiencing a totally different culture, and meeting new people who eventually become family are definitely rewarding.

Yet, it’s a journey that can also be scary and difficult at the same time. It was especially hard during the start of the pandemic, when everything was so uncertain that we didn’t know if we would be able to stay in New Zealand. Moving away from the familiar and stepping out of one’s comfort zone was challenging to say the least, but we feel incredibly blessed that our partners and kids were here with us – we both had our own support system. We can only imagine how much harder it is for fellow migrants who left their own countries to work hard for their families’ future, not knowing if promises of residency and being reunited with their families will come to fruition.

This is why our roles at Trinity means so much to us. Being able to help and guide our clients in making New Zealand their permanent home is not just a job, but it’s a way of giving back to our hardworking migrants who contribute and make New Zealand such a great country to live in.

We both had immigration journeys filled with uncertainty, expectations, a bit of anxiety, but also a lot of patience, resilience, hard work, and hope -and we believe most of our clients’ journeys experience the same feelings! And that’s why we pride ourselves on providing a human, empathetic, and approachable service to each and every one of our clients. We’ve been there ourselves and would love to help with and see our clients’ goals being achieved!


By Carmi Sanico (Immigration Manager) and Bruna Tardetti (Immigration Administrator)