New Residence Visa Categories

Read our latest blog for Information around Immigration New Zealand's Announcement around Skilled Residence Categories.

Today Immigration New Zealand has announced the details to the Green list and highly paid residency categories. There are three categories included in todays announcement:

  1. Work to residence
  2. Straight to residence
  3. Highly paid residence

To apply for residency under any of the categories applicants must meet the below criteria:

  • Applicant is aged 55 or younger
  • Applicant, and if applicable partner, and dependent children aged 16 or over, meet the English language requirements (you can find these requirements here)
  • Applicants and any family included in the application meet health and character requirements for residence.

Employment must be at least 30 hours, permanent and with an accredited employer. 

Work to residence

In order to apply for a residency visa under the work to residence category, an applicant will need to have worked in a role included in Tier 2 of the green list for 24 months. An applicant and role must also meet the greenlist requirements and your employer will need to be accredited at the time you apply. 

In the 24 months, an applicant could have held an accredited employer work visa, or another employer supported work visa if granted prior to 4th July. Work experience can be accrued from 29 September 2021 and applications open on 29 September 2023. An applicant can combine acceptable work in an occupation on the Tier 2 Green List and also work earning 2 times the median wage.

Green list Tier 2 occupations:

Health and Social Services Roles

·         Anesthetic Technician

·         Medical Laboratory Technician

·         Medical Imaging Technologist

·         Medical Radiation Therapist

·         Occupational Therapist

·         Sonographer

·         Podiatrist

·         Audiologist

·         All Registered Nurses (including but not limited to Aged Care)

·         Midwife

·         Teachers - Secondary with specializations and registered Early Childhood Teacher

Trades Roles

·         Automotive Electrician

·         Diesel Motor Mechanic (including Heavy Vehicle Inspector)

·         Electrician (General) – registered

·         Plumber – registered

Agriculture Roles

·         Dairy Cattle Farm Manager

·         Dairy Farm Manager

·         Assistant Dairy Farm Manager

·         Dairy Herd Manager


Straight to residence

In order to apply straight for residency, an applicant will need to have a job offer in a role which is on Tier 1 of the Green list. The job offer and the applicant's experience will need to meet the requirements specified on the Green list. This category opens 5th September 2022. 

Green list Tier one occupations:

Construction Roles

·        Construction Project Manager

·        Project Builder

·        Quantity Surveyor

·        Surveyor

Engineering Roles

·        Chemical Engineer

·        Materials Engineer

·        Civil Engineer

·        Geotechnical Engineer

·        Structural Engineer

·        Electrical Engineer

·        Electronics Engineer

·        Environmental Engineer

·        Industrial Engineer

·        Mechanical Engineer

·        Production or Plant Engineer

·        Civil Engineering Technician

·        Electrical Engineering Technician

·        Electronic Engineering Technician

·        Engineering Professionals (Not Elsewhere Classified)

·        Telecommunications Engineers

·        Telecommunications Network Engineers

Health and Social Services Roles

·        General Practitioner

·        Anesthetist

·        Psychiatrist

·        Specialist Physicians (Not Elsewhere Classified)

·        Surgeons 

·        Other Medical Practitioners

·        Ophthalmologist

·        Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist

·        Radiation Oncologist

·        Resident Medical Officer

·        Medical Laboratory Scientist

·        Clinical Psychologists 

·        Physicist (Medical)

·        Orthoptist

·        Veterinarian

Primary Industries and Science Roles

·        Environmental Research Scientist

·        Food Technologist

·        Other Spatial Scientist

ICT, Electronics and Telecommunications Roles

·        Chief Information Officer

·         ICT Project Manager

·        ICT Managers (Not Elsewhere Classified)

·        Software Engineer

·        ICT Security Specialist

·        Multimedia Specialists



Highly paid residence

In order to apply under the Highly paid residency category an applicant will need to have been working in a role which has paid twice the median wage for the last  24 months. Work experience can be accrued from 29 September 2021 and applications open on 29 September 2023. Work in an occupation on the Tier 2 Green List and work earning 2 times the median wage can be combined to meet requirements. 


Immigration New Zealand will be charging between NZD $4,020 and NZD $4,890 depending on whether an applicant is applying from within New Zealand or another part of the world. 

Green list Occupations

The green list is a list of occupations which have been identified as having high demand globally and have an ongoing shortage in New Zealand. All the information on the Green list requirements can be found here

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