Lean on a gate, talk to a mate!

Read more about the CHUR process and learn how you can help when someone is struggling with mental health.

Last Tuesday, we hosted a sausage sizzle and seminar on employing migrant workers and supporting mental health in farms, in partnership with Craig Wiggins from the Whatever with Wiggy charity.

One of the highlights of the event was a chat about mental health with Wiggins, where he mentioned that many farm workers are currently struggling with workload and long work hours which, amongst other things, reflects on their mental health.

There are a few things anyone is able to do to help when someone is going through this, and Wiggins calls them CHUR:

- Connect. Trying to connect with the other person is the first step on getting them to open up about their issues. A simple touch on the shoulder and a "how are you doing?" are most of the times enough to create that connection.

- Hear. Listen to what the other person has to say, with no judgements.

- Uplift. Make the person feel more cheerful, positive or optimistic, by being 100% present and, if possible, by inviting them for a meal, a walk outside, or any other small action that can take their mind off their struggles.

- Reassure and Refer. Offer to lend an ear at anytime that the person needs, or to spend some time together. Tell the person that it will be okay. However, if you feel that it will be necessary to seek professional help, refer that person to entities that can effectively help them, like support groups, or call 1737 for immediate support.