It's our third birthday!

"In three years, we have grown to be a strong, purpose led business with a magnificent team at its core." Read what our Managing Director Cass says in celebration of our third birthday!

It's our third birthday!

Looking back at this moment 3 years ago can be quite overwhelming. The excitement of registering Trinity Employment Services as a company, designing our logo, working on fine tuning the business plan and starting our online presence, it was a whirlwind!

It's quite a funny story really. When Trinity was first started it was really only supposed to be a tiny operation helping my fellow dairy farming friends find and retain their staff. I intended to put my knowledge and experience in the industry to use to create an income stream for myself and one other person, while helping those in my community. Little did I know that approximately 6 months later I would be engaging in contract negotiations for our first 7 figure deal!

As someone who was once a single mother reliant on every bit of support I could get to help raise my 3 beautiful daughters, seeing figures like that with my name beside them... I cannot tell you how that felt.

From there everything is a bit of a blur. A blur of excitement, anticipation, growth, learning, stress, joy and more learning! When a company grows at the rate that Trinity has grown there are speed wobbles and we have most certainly faced our fair share in the last 2 years. Through it all however, we have grown to be a strong, purpose led business with a magnificent team at its core.

Trinity is its people. Trinity is our clients. Trinity is our candidates. Trinity is our community.

I am so proud of my team and what they have helped shape Trinity into. If I look back at my original business model we are SO far off that, that it is nearly impossible to compare. One thing however has always remained and that is our 'why'! Why we are here and why we continue to strive for excellence irrespective of any 'wobbles' we may face along the way.

Our mission.

We endeavour to build a culture that places meaningfulness and integrity at our core. We believe in giving back to our communities while supporting both clients and candidates for the advancement of all.

So here's to Trinity turning 3 and here's to the year ahead!

- Cassandra Knox, Trinity's Founder and Managing Director