Immigration New Zealand (INZ) Employment Learning Modules

New Zealand has employment laws and rights that are fair and protect both employers and employees. By completing the Employment Learning Modules, migrant workers can find out the rights and responsibilities they have as employees in New Zealand.

If you are interested in working and living in New Zealand, you should know that the country has employment laws and rights that are fair and protect both employers and employees. It is important that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities, and you can have access to this information easily.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has created the Employment Learning Modules, where you can find out the rights and responsibilities you have as an employee in New Zealand. These modules are mandatory for all migrant workers and must be completed during their first month in their new roles. Employers need to allow time and resources for staff members to complete the modules, which can take up to 30 minutes each. In addition, employers also have learning modules that need to be completed during the first year of hiring you, so they know their responsibilities too.

Find below a list of the employee learning modules:

  • An Introduction to Your Employment Rights

This module is a quick summary to your employment rights. All employees are encouraged to complete this introductory module first. It is designed for all employees covering both current and future workers.

  • Working Arrangements

After completing this module, you will understand the different types of working arrangements and the importance of getting it right, how to identify different working arrangements, your rights regarding trial periods, where to get information or support.

  • Employment Agreements

After completing this module, you will understand three important documents your employer should give you before you start a job (Job Offer, Job Description, and Employment Agreement), including the purpose and benefits of each, and essential details that must be included in an Employment Agreement by law.

  • Pay and Wages

After completing this learning module, you will understand minimum wage rate types and related information, different ways employees can be paid, pay terms in an Employment Agreement, and different types of lawful deductions that can be made to an employee's pay.

  • Hours of Work

This module will teach you about changes that can be lawfully made to your hours of work, the hours of work terms in an Employment Agreement, and the legal rights of employees with no guaranteed hours of work.

  • Annual Leave/Holidays

After completing this module, you will understand your annual leave/holiday entitlements and the terms relevant to annual leave/holidays.

  • Other Leave

After completing this module you will learn about bereavement leave, alternative holiday, public holiday, and sick leave entitlements, plus the terms related to them. You'll also learn about other types of leave.

  • Resolving Problems

The best way to prevent and resolve employment relationship problems is for the parties (employer and employee) to discuss and resolve any issue(s) together, as soon as they arise rather than waiting.

Migrant workers have the same rights as New Zealand workers and your employer must comply with New Zealand Employment Laws and standards. Completing the Learning Modules will help you know and understand these rights and how to ask for assistant if needed.

If you wish to work and live in New Zealand and need immigration advice, send an email to our Immigration team on, and book a consultation with our Licensed Immigration Advisers.

- Gini Lambertucci, Immigration Administrator and Pastoral Care Consultant at Trinity