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HR can easily be considered a nightmare to many employers, especially those in small businesses. Outsourcing HR services is a reliable and affordable option to take the stress out of your hands so you can focus on other areas of your business.

HR can easily be considered a nightmare to many employers, especially those in small businesses. It’s all about compliance, performance management, communication, and contracts. Luckily, there are people out there who quite enjoy being bogged down in paperwork, spending days constructing IEA’s (Individual Employment Agreements) and poring over workplace policies to ensure compliance with different acts and the amendments to those acts. At Trinity we have one of those people, our Business Development Manager Sam. "How lucky am I then, that when the opportunity came up to join Trinity as their Business Development Manager I could combine my love of staring at a small screen interpreting legislation, with a passion for helping other SME’s (Small and Mid-size Enterprises) grow? Pretty lucky, I’d say!"

HR is a minefield to navigate if your company doesn’t have a person dedicated to that one role. Managing your people can take up 80-100% of your time in a leadership role, leaving you very little time to get your ducks in a row for compliance. You have a couple of options at your disposal to get around that:

1.      Employ an HR Manager at a cost of roughly $80k-$100k p/a.

2.      Outsource

At Trinity, our dedicated HR subscriptions can take the pressure of paperwork out of your hands. An initial cost of $1000 (exc GST) gets your HR-Warrant Of Fitness. We’ll look over your existing policies, IEA’s and compliance documents, and from there give you a recommendation of which monthly subscription will best suit your needs. With 3 options to choose from (Gold, Silver, Bronze) at a maximum monthly cost of $1000 (exc GST), it doesn’t take much to work out the stark difference between employing and outsourcing. With a set-price fee as opposed to an hourly rate, the transparency is there to begin with; no gnarly surprises for your bank account!

If freeing up your time to focus on profitability sounds like a bit of you, flick an email to and we can discuss your business' needs and how we can best help you out. Or, if you’re happy thumbing through legislation and WorkSafe documents to ensure your business is compliant, then you’re probably someone like Sam and, according to him, "we should catch up for a beer and some test cricket".