General Recruitment Team Site Visit

The General Recruitment team had the privilege of going to one of our amazing clients sites! Read more here...

The General Recruitment Team had the privilege to visit our amazing client NZ Insulators at Temuka on Wednesday the 6th of April. It was their first tour together as a team!

Sam and Ian so kindly showed them around the 100 year old factory that has been kept into great condition. They are committed clients of Maggie, who has allocated some of the best candidates to their company. We currently have 3 amazing candidates working there, each in a different department, but all prove to be loving it, “ they never want to leave”. We have only heard good things about this team of people. 

The team at NZ Insulators ranged in different ages and experience levels but were predominantly based in Temuka. Our Recruitment team feels so grateful to get a first hand viewing into the hard running of the factory, as they’re doing a lot of wonderful craftsmanship locally and internationally. 

Brittany has mentioned that she enjoyed that none of the items go to waste as they disintegrate everything into sawdust which then gets recycled. She also mentioned that the Health and Safety rules they have on site post covid hasn’t left anyone isolated and people are still in comfortable positions.

Jack has mentioned that it is an incredible warehouse with so much history. It is a 100 year old building, built during World War I with many of the processes still intact to this day. Ian, who has worked there for just over 31 years, mentioned that he has been with the company close to one third of its tenure, and has seen many technological changes throughout. Jack added that the plant felt so alive to him with the hot steam, water rooms and copious amounts of clay scattered from corner to corner.

Maggie has mentioned that with them being her client, it was good to experience what the day to day duties looked like at the factory and get some serious numbers on what their production line produces on a daily basis. It 100% helps when hiring new candidates for these roles to have had that experience as you can sit down and explain to the candidates exactly what they do out there and know what you're talking about. 

It was very clear to the team that New Zealand Insulators is a proud company that produces and exports quality products made in Aotearoa New Zealand and it has been a pleasure seeing their venture and their continued pursuit to deliver sound work. 

“We truly are lucky to be a part of such an awesome company that we get to see grow everyday and we are always looking for more candidates to join them out there!” Everyone in our General Recruitment team is excited for what the future holds with New Zealand Insulators!

The General Recruitment team consist of Jake, Brittany and Maggie.