Gearing up for the new year

2021 has already seen some massive changes for Trinity. Now able to trade at full capacity we have hit the ground running!

We have welcomed a new team member who will be taking on a large chunk of the administrative duties, this will be such an incredible help and will enable me to get out there and do what I love most, meeting all of you!

A trip to Wellington has been scheduled for later this month. I am due to meet with some likeminded people within the industry, we will put our heads together on a few ideas and I am extremely excited to see what we can come up with.

At home on the farm we, like many others in our industry, have been dealing with staffing issues recently. We were deeply sorry to see a team member leave to move onwards and upwards into a role we could not offer at this time. Finding a replacement was of course trickier than in normal times, but we got there. We have welcomed an amazing new member to our team and are absolutely thrilled with the effort he is putting in.

Covid has affected how we recruit our staff. My offshore pipelines are of course out of action currently and the pool of workers here in NZ is a tricky one to manoeuvre through. However, it is possible. Finding the right staff has never been harder than it is right now. Reach out and chat with us about how we can help you today.