From the heart

Trinity Employment Services was founded in 2020 by Cassandra our Managing Director. Here Cass tells us all about what it's like to be a female in a heavily male dominated industry, challenges she has faced and how she works at running Trinity with a heart first approach.

Being a woman in business (especially an agriculturally focused one), has been full of many challenges. Over the years I have faced a huge amount of sexism and inappropriateness from not only my colleagues and clients but also my superiors. From being ignored in client meetings, to having to dodge inappropriate attention, to being told I was too emotional to see success in business.

Today Trinity Employment Services is nearing 2 years of age.

In August 2020 when I first started this journey it was just me, now we have a team of 14 (soon to be 15)! The company has grown to include its very own Immigration team, Agricultural recruitment team, General recruitment team and now even an internal Human Resources & Health & Safety team (all headed up by strong capable women).

The success Trinity has seen is largely due to the fact that we operate with values, ethics and heart firmly at the forefront of every decision made. At Trinity we believe that our emotions are our super powers! Our clients trust us because we are empathetic, we see what they are going through and we are able to communicate how much we care for them through the work we do.

There has definitely been challenges along the way, days where I have thought that it would be easier to have thicker skin, to not care so much or quite frankly if I was a man. When I am in a room full of industry heads and the only comments I get are about my appearance, it is hard to feel valued. When people try to take advantage of my generous heart or empathetic ear, it is hard to remain trusting.

However, through it all I am supported by my team. In Trinity there are some exceptionally strong, intelligent and kind hearted women and men. I feel so truely blessed to have all of you, present, past and future staff, I am so grateful to know you, to guide you, to work with you and to learn from you.

We will continue to deliver on our promise to provide honest employment solutions to New Zealand businesses, and we will continue to do so with heart.