Preparing for calving in the dairy industry

Nicole shares some useful tips on how to prepare for the upcoming calving season

We are now only three weeks away from the end of the current dairy season, which means a lot of time, thought and discussions have been had in the last few months to prepare for the new season ahead. This includes securing staff for the next season, and also ensuring current staff have had a holiday/time off farm. Attending to any maintenance required on farm (dairy shed/machinery/fences/troughs/housing etc), animal health and condition, managing cow dry off, and planning for calving. Calving is the busiest time of the year where farmers ensure that the cows and calves are cared for around the clock. It is very easy for farmers to forget to take care of themselves and their own health. Here are some tips that can help:

- Share the load between your team

- Have snacks and hot drinks available at the cow shed

- Take 5 minutes for yourself when you can

- Get off farm even if it's just to grab a coffee from town while you stock up on farm supplies

- Get together as a team and have a shared lunch (great time to have some banter/check in with each other, and also go over important aspects of the day)

- Try and get enough sleep every night

These couple of months before next season and calving kick off, is a great time for farmers to take the opportunity to get off farm and recharge (both mentally and physically). The best way to head into a new season is feeling refreshed, with a spring in your step!